Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mashatu Workshop Feedback

The 16-20 June workshop is always a highlight- and this year’s was no different. Booked over the winter solstice to give the lowest angle of sunlight, you just know that you are going to get excellent light during this Photo workshop.

If the sunlight is good, well, then the sightings were just amazing on this photo workshop. Leopard Cubs, Lion cubs, wild dogs, cheetah at dawn and of course an elephant or two thrown in made it one of the most diverse 4 days of wildlife photography we have ever had.

Not even the ice cold wind blowing from the south could dampen the early morning starts, such was the enthusiasm.

The other highlight was of course the night photography we did. With such cold, crisp skies, we were able to get some spectacular images of the stars and milky way. We guided our clients to the exact settings so that everyone could get “the shot”.

With such an array of subjects that we photographed, I do believe that the images will explain more about our sightings over this Photo workshop.