Tuesday, June 14, 2011

C4 Guides portfolios in Go/Weg magazine.

At C4 Images and Safaris we strive to be the best in what we do. It is often difficult to gauge where you stand without having an outsider compare you to the rest.

Click here to view Greg du Toit's portfolio

Each month the excellent and extremely popular GO/WEG magazine publishes a portfolio of images featuring a certain photographer. It has become quite prestigous to be featured and all the top photographers aspire to have a portfolio of their images published by GO/WEG.
In the first half of 2011, the magazine picture editor independently contacted four of C4’s photography guides to feature them in their magazine.
It so happened that for the months of February, April, May and July 2011, all the portfolios were by C4 Images and Safaris photographers.
It is good to know that while we at C4 plan to associate only with the best photographers and guides, magazines such as WEG/GO feature four of our guides in 6 months; giving us and you the security of knowing you are dealing with the best.

Click here to view Shem Compion's portfolio

Click here to view Isak Pretorius' portfolio

Click here to view Hougaard Malan's portfolio


Adrian Barnes said...

Awesome stuff C4! Great to be associated in a small way with such a professional outfit!

Meiring Borcherds said...

Well done C4, just goes to show you have to be out there to get in... Looking forward to more great work from you in the coming years...

Liz said...

a great shot not only captures the essence of a scene but allows others to appreciate the "scent". Congratulations on doing exactly that

Shem Compion said...

Thanks Guys!