Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A short visit the Mara

One of C4's clients, Arno Ellmer, recently had a short visit to the Masai Mara. It was just amazing to see what he experienced in just 4 days. Below is is a short description of a few encounters and images.

"On the way to Entim we encountered the female leopard that has the cub(s) at the den. The next morning we came across 3 young male lions on a massive Eland kill. They had already eaten a lot and were quite exhausted and hot , but they would not leave the carcass since 10 hyenas were circling and waiting. It was fascinating to observe the interaction between the two groups for control of the carcass. We left after a while and returned the next morning (the kill was far from Entim). When we arrived, a single hyena was leaving and several Hooded and White-backed vultures were present. However only the head remained!! That night probably 40 or so hyenas would have dispatched the 900kg carcass. Incredible! On my last morning we witnessed a beautiful successful cheetah chase, the victim was a Thompson’s lamb. Then lastly we encountered a beautiful pair of Grey Crowned Cranes."